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WARNING: This section is NOT for those people who are psychologically committed to a church which claims to have the "New Testament" as its foundation.
A common belief is that there was only one group of early followers of Christ, and they possessed a set of inspired documents which had been written before the end of the first century, mostly by Paul, Luke, James, Peter and John. If you hold these beliefs and do not wish to expand your knowledge of history, read no further, because historical records provide a very different picture of the first four centuries C.E.
There were many other Gospels, Acts, Letters, and Apocalypses each of which was in circulation and treasured by some of the many separate diverse groups who considered themselves to be followers of Christ, but these documents were not approved for reading by Bishop Athanasius in the early 300s CE. The approved subset is now known as the "New Testament".
Some of the historical evidence is presented in the following paragraphs.
Some of the Other NT Era Early Writings Not Adopted in the Vatican's "New Testament"

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